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TechStarz is a place to share knowledge about Information Technology. Thus we invite everyone on the planet to share there own tips and bits over technology at TechStarz. To be able to make a post you will first need to register with TechStarz through the link shown below. But before registering with TechStarz and submitting your article, please go through our  Guidelines and Conditions for submitting your post as follows:

Guidelines for Posting on TechStarz

  • Only two backlinks are allowed on one post if it is very much related to the topic. The decision of relatedness only lies with the admin of TechStarz.
  • Please try to post ideas of your own, incase your post is inspired by someone else work, you should give proper credit to the person. this holds for images used with in your post too.
  • You cannot post any affiliate links in your posts on TechStarz. your post will be deleted immediately if found containing any affiliate links. basically this means that you cannot post a link which directly gets you financial or similar benefits.
  • Your post must be original and not a copy of any articles or posts on any other blog or site. If your content is found to be a copied version of some other article or post it will be deleted immediately.
  • We would like you to revisit TechStarz to post replies to the comments on your posts and reply to questions of your readers.
  • Language in your post must be polite, decent and clean. It should not contain any abusive words or references, adult or sexual content.
  • Advertising in  any form with in your posts and comments made on TechStarz is not acceptable. This  means that you should also not solicit to users of TechStarz for any financial or promotional, commercial gain of any kind. Posting links to any other site for commercial or promotional purpose and advertising the services provided them is also not allowed.
  • No foul language in comments or posts is tolerated. You should not link to any external sites with objectionable or offensive content.
  • You can not use racist, or hateful language or images in your posts. No obscene or sexually explicit content is allowed on TechStarz.
  • Do not post any private or personal information on TechStarz, including your name , phone number, address, email ID , your work place etc.
  • You are not required to user your original identity, name etc while posting on TechStarz. However your name or identity should not be falsely representing someone else.
  • Do not misrepresent yourself or submit and comments under an identity (individual or company) that is not your own.
  • You must be over the age of 13.
  • If a portion of a  post or comment is not allowable, the entire post with comments will be deleted.
  • Posting, Comments and use of this site must comply with the Terms of Use  of

How to Post at TechStarz

  1. First step is to register yourself as a guest author at TechStarz. We will send you an email with the details to use for accessing TechStarz.
  2. You should then login to your account at TechStarz and update your profile information.
  3. You can start posting your article through “Add new” option of the Post section of your dashboard. Please do fill in relevent information like categories and tags along with your post content.

All articles submitted at TechStarz will be reviewd manually and published only if they  are found to comply with our Terms of use and Guidelines of Posting.

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