HTC HD2 Specifications

The HTC HD2 is a sequel to the HTC Touch HD. The major features of the HTC HD2 are similar to its previous model but only with a few minor changes. This phone has a massive touch screen measuring 4.3 inches which is much larger than the 3.8 inches in the HTC Touch HD. Apart from that the other major difference is that the mini USB connector has now been replaced by a micro USB connector. Other than these two major features, the other ones remain pretty much the same.

How to password protect your files on Windows?

This is the one of the most commonly asked questions. Most of us have files, folders, data that we would not like to share with everyone. So we wish to protect them through a password. There are many paid softwares available  to serve the purpose . But who likes to pay for softwares these days […]

Browser comparison chart

Well below is the microsofts version of the Comparison between  IE8, Firefox 3.0 and Google Chrome. More can be read at: Lets  evaluate each point one by one : i would concentrate mostly on – IE8 vS firefox as I use both of them on My machine. havent played with new Chrome much so […]

Is Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 best Security Solution for PC as of now?

Kaspersky Internet Security(KIS) 2010 is the latest release from Kaspersky Labs. This 2010 release is indeed a complete PC security Solution. KIS  Virus definition database is the most trusted  defination db in modern times.  I personally have been using KIS for last 4-5 years and always recommend it to my friends. Prime reason for my […]

Nokia X6 – 32 GB and 16GB touch screen phones launched

Finally the much awaited touch screen phone from Nokia is launched in India. It appears that Nokia with its X6 -16 GB and 32 GB has finally started to take Samsung, HTC competition seriously. Yes both these manufacturers have launched some great touch screen phones over last two years at some real affordable prices. Though […]

How to restrict users to run only few programs on Windows 7

If you would like users on your windows 7 (Non-Home edition) PC to be able to run only few applications like MS word, EXCEL, FireFox etc. , you can make use of the new windows- Run Only specified Applications function. For this, First click on Start button and type  gpedit.msc into the search box and […]

Common Networking Commands

The following are common Microsoft Windows network commands ipconfig Ipconfig is a Console Command which can be issued to the Command Line Interpreter (or command prompt) to display the network settings currently assigned to any or all network adapters in the machine. This command can be utilised to verify a network connection as well as […]

Apple IPad tablet launched today

Apple Chief Executive Officer launched Apple iPad today. Mr. Jobs said -This tablet computer will plug the gap between a mobile and laptop. Apple iPad is 0.5 inch thick, it has a  9.7-inch IPS display, and weighs just 1.5 pounds. Ipad will have an Ebook reader  and users will be able to watch movies, play […]

Change Owner and Company Name in Windows XP

How to change Owner or Registeared to Name and Organisation or Company name in Windows XP? When you install Windows, Setup requests that you enter your name, and optionally, the organization name. This registration information is displayed under Registered to in the General tab of System when you click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance […]

Windows Mobile refresh to launch in October

Microsoft will launch the latest version of its operating system for mobile devices next month. The Windows Mobile 6.5 software will be installed on new Windows phones that launch on 6 October. In Europe, phones operating Windows Mobile 6.5 will be available from Orange and Vodafone, as well as phone manufacturers Acer, HTC, LG Electronics, […]

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