Acer Aspire One Happy Netbooks Launched

  INDIA, New Delhi: ACER the well known manufacturers of cheap and affordable Laptops and Notebooks has unveiled its latest Asipire One Happy netbook series in INDIA. Aspire One Happy netbooks are light, attractive and  available in multiple colors. The new Aspire One Happy netbooks range is priced at Rupees 17999. Aspire one Happy netbooks […]

Apple iPad2 Launched to rule 2011

Steve Jobs on wednesday unleashed the gen-next iPad2 in San francisco. The new iPad2 is thinner and twice as fast as iPad. Featurewise there aren’t many new inclusions in iPad2 and it is more of a performance enhanced model of iPad. The reduced weight of iPad2 makes it an easy to carry tablet device. This […]

Microsoft releases Windows 7 Service Pack SP1

For last 2-3 days I am constantly reading articles about the first Windows 7 Service pack released by Microsoft. I thought I should also give it a try. and I logged on to my VM of Windows 7 Ultimate and started browsing  for the latest SP1 updates available for  Windows 7. So here, i am sharing […]

Protect your confidential MS office documents with password

Each one of us spends a lot of time on computers these days. Almost all of our work has turned digital today. We record our work in documents, presentations and worksheets available through various softwares providing help in performing office related activities. A majority of computer users, use Microsoft office  software suite to manage their […]

Solar powered mobile unleashed by chinese mobile Co

Umeox Apollo - Solar powered Android mobile phone

China, ShenZhen based mobile company UMEOX Mobile Limited unleashed the first solar powered mobile phone running on Android Operating system in the 2011 3GSM Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. This news is especially encouraging for mobile enthusiasts in the Asia region as they serve as the greatest market for the chinese mobile manufacturers. It […]

Nokia E5 Business Phone

Nokia E5 is the latest of the Nokia’s Business phone series. After doing lot of research and comparing  number of qwerty phones by different  manufacturers, I found E-5 to be best suited for my needs. Comes in various colors as mentioned below, but I bought a white one for myself, as it looks cool as […]

HP/Compaq laptop batteries recalled due to over heating problem

HP, one of the premier laptop manufacturers  is recalling 54,000 lithium-ion batteries of  HP and Compaq Notebooks or Laptops after the news of  injuries from the batteries overheating and rupturing being reported. Most of these batteries were manufactured in china. Here is  a list of all models that have been recalled. Notebook Model Number Battery […]

Single Core and Dual Core Processors

A single-core or traditional processor has one CPU which can be given strings of instructions for execution, also prioritise them and store in its cache , so that they can be retrieved quickly when required again. To process data outside the cache, CPU uses system bus from RAM or Storage devices. This operation of accessing […]

ipconfig – windows networking command explained

ipconfig – windows networking command explained IP Configuration command line Tool for windows (ipconfig) Earlier versions of windows had “winipcfg” tool for performing ip configuration activities. “winipcfg” was replaced by “ipconfig” windows IP configuration tool from windows XP onwards. It is used to display the TCP/IP network configuration values. To run it, enter “ipconfig” in the […]

How to use netstat command?

Netstat is a utility that you can use to display your computer’s connections to the Internet. It’s a useful tool for monitoring connections and diagnosing problems. You can tweak netstat commands by adding arguments at the end of the command. Since netstat is run from a command prompt, it doesn’t require you to install special […]

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