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Having a slow computer is one of the biggest threats that you can encounter.  This is why you need to know effective XP tweaks.  These hacks can boost your computer’s performance.  When you are experiencing such problems, it means that it is high time you do something.  Your computer needs a good backup to secure your […]

Fixing a slow computer

You have been through it, a lot many times, and you very well know how frustrating it can be especially when you are short on time. Slow computers sometimes really get on people’s nerves. You have tried out a few suggestions given by your friendly neighbor, but to no avail. Situation still is the same […]

Protect your confidential MS office documents with password

Each one of us spends a lot of time on computers these days. Almost all of our work has turned digital today. We record our work in documents, presentations and worksheets available through various softwares providing help in performing office related activities. A majority of computer users, use Microsoft office  software suite to manage their […]

ipconfig – windows networking command explained

ipconfig – windows networking command explained IP Configuration command line Tool for windows (ipconfig) Earlier versions of windows had “winipcfg” tool for performing ip configuration activities. “winipcfg” was replaced by “ipconfig” windows IP configuration tool from windows XP onwards. It is used to display the TCP/IP network configuration values. To run it, enter “ipconfig” in the […]

How to use netstat command?

Netstat is a utility that you can use to display your computer’s connections to the Internet. It’s a useful tool for monitoring connections and diagnosing problems. You can tweak netstat commands by adding arguments at the end of the command. Since netstat is run from a command prompt, it doesn’t require you to install special […]

How to password protect your files on Windows?

This is the one of the most commonly asked questions. Most of us have files, folders, data that we would not like to share with everyone. So we wish to protect them through a password. There are many paid softwares available  to serve the purpose . But who likes to pay for softwares these days […]

Common Networking Commands

The following are common Microsoft Windows network commands ipconfig Ipconfig is a Console Command which can be issued to the Command Line Interpreter (or command prompt) to display the network settings currently assigned to any or all network adapters in the machine. This command can be utilised to verify a network connection as well as […]

Change Owner and Company Name in Windows XP

How to change Owner or Registeared to Name and Organisation or Company name in Windows XP? When you install Windows, Setup requests that you enter your name, and optionally, the organization name. This registration information is displayed under Registered to in the General tab of System when you click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance […]

Setting Capslock, Numlock, Scroll Lock

If you want to set the startup state for any or all of these keys, you just need to edit the registry. Start Regedit Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Keyboard Open InitialKeyboardIndicators Change the value to one of the following numbers 0 – All Keys off 1 – Caps Lock on 2 – […]

Identify Faulty Device Drivers

How to find faulty device drivers? If you are having problems with lockups, blue screens, or can only get to safe mode, often the problem is due to a faulty device driver. One way to help identify them is through the use of the Verfier program Start / Run / Verifier Keep the default of […]

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