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Windows 7 Performance Tweaks Increases The Efficiency Of Your PC

It is essential to improve the performance of the windows 7 registry. You have to enhance the registry using the windows 7 registry tweaks. Just go to the browse item, begin the application security and then click enter. Allow the windows to look for disks and updated terminals of retention. Click create in the application security […]

Microsoft releases Windows 7 Service Pack SP1

For last 2-3 days I am constantly reading articles about the first Windows 7 Service pack released by Microsoft. I thought I should also give it a try. and I logged on to my VM of Windows 7 Ultimate and started browsing  for the latest SP1 updates available for  Windows 7. So here, i am sharing […]

Protect your confidential MS office documents with password

Each one of us spends a lot of time on computers these days. Almost all of our work has turned digital today. We record our work in documents, presentations and worksheets available through various softwares providing help in performing office related activities. A majority of computer users, use Microsoft office  software suite to manage their […]

ipconfig – windows networking command explained

ipconfig – windows networking command explained IP Configuration command line Tool for windows (ipconfig) Earlier versions of windows had “winipcfg” tool for performing ip configuration activities. “winipcfg” was replaced by “ipconfig” windows IP configuration tool from windows XP onwards. It is used to display the TCP/IP network configuration values. To run it, enter “ipconfig” in the […]

How to restrict users to run only few programs on Windows 7

If you would like users on your windows 7 (Non-Home edition) PC to be able to run only few applications like MS word, EXCEL, FireFox etc. , you can make use of the new windows- Run Only specified Applications function. For this, First click on Start button and type  gpedit.msc into the search box and […]

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