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Routers are a Critical VoIP Component

The Router is a critical link in any VoIP deployment. Most routers that you get from cable companies or that you can purchase at Best Buy for under $100.00 dollars are simply not capable of effectively handling VoIP. A quality VoIP router for a small office costs about $350.00. Routers for larger offices vary based […]

Selecting An Anti-virus Program For The Computer

Computer systems have without any doubt helped to make life much easier in nearly all wakes of life and provided a much sought-after cushion to operators with their ease of use, greater efficiency as well as better means of organising information. Primarily, personal computers are used to save copies of files as well as run […]

Happy New Year

 I wish you all  .. a very Happy  and  joyful New Year… May all your plans meet success.. you complete your projects with in deadlines… you achieve your targets without losses… may your blogs recieve millions of visits, your google pagerank increase four folds and  your personal life needs are fulfilled. With Luv Imroz Baig

Ramadan Mubarak

Wishing you all, a happy Ramadan. May Blessings of ALLAH SUBHANA-WA-TA’ALA shower on you and your loved ones. Pray namaz and observe fasts, collect as much neki and rehmat as u can. -Imroz

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