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Stock Management Using Barcodes

What is barcode?   Barcode is a sequence of parallel black and white bars and spaces used to store inventory and stock information including product name, product price, quantity, company details and any other relevant information. Barcodes are used for maintaining stock of large number of inventory products used in various industries like healthcare and […]

Links for C# tutorials and resources

Hello Friends I m posting few Links to   C# related tutorials and resources, Please verify them as I havent used them for long time. … 41435.aspx … ma-334.htm … […]

History Of Java

History Of Java : Java -The Evolution Story Sun’s Java is the hottest thing on the Web since Netscape. Maybe hotter. But for all the buzz, Java nearly became a business-school case study in how a good product fails. The inside story of bringing Java to the market. With three minutes to go before the […]

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