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Is Windows 7 a Vista with name change?

Is Windows 7 is a Vista with name change? Please read the following article by Jerri Coverstone to find out the answer. These days computers now have more power than ever, they are capable of doing so much more and doing it faster than ever before, but the current operating systems XP/Vista do not exploit […]

Windows Vs Macintosh (a Comparison)

  This controversy often sparks heated arguments to say the least. Moreover, there have also been instances of fights, vandalism and worse over which is the best. Windows users claim that Mac users are arrogant, citing that old “computer for the rest of us” advertising while Mac users claim the same about Windows users. Who […]

NTFS Vs FAT file System

To NTFS or not to NTFS—that is the question. But unlike the deeper questions of life, this one isn’t really all that hard to answer. For most users running Windows XP, NTFS is the obvious choice. It’s more powerful and offers security advantages not found in the other file systems. But let’s go over the […]

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