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Free DNS Hosting Services

Free DNS Hosting Services Usually all domain registrars do not provide DNS hosting service to the domains purchasers. Infact most of the time domain name registrars will ask domain name registrants to buy additional service for DNS hosting service. If they offer free DNS service, then most of the time they increase the markup price […]

What is DNS hosting service

A DNS hosting service is a service that runs Domain Name System servers. Most, but not all,domain name registrars include DNS hosting service with registration. Free DNS hosting services also exist. Almost all DNS hosting services are “shared”; except for the most popular Internet sites, there is no need to dedicate a server to hosting […]

Domain Name Servers

Name Servers A set of servers called domain name servers (DNS) maps the human-readable names to the IP addresses. These servers are simple databases that map names to IP addresses, and they are distributed all over the Internet. Most individual companies, ISPs and universities maintain small name servers to map host names to IP addresses. […]

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