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Why you shouldn’t defrag your Mac

Disk Fragmentation is a serious problem that Windows users have to cope with and resolve if they want to get the best performance out of their computers and also assure the longest possible life span for their hard drives. So if you are used to defragging your partitions regularly and recently just changed from a […]


The Macintosh computers that are popular known as Mac are personal computers produced by Apple, Inc.  These types of computers are frequently used at homes, schools, offices, and even to people who are engaged in the business. However, many Mac computer enthusiasts encountered problems when it comes to their computers. The most common predicament they […]

Apple iPad2 Launched to rule 2011

Steve Jobs on wednesday unleashed the gen-next iPad2 in San francisco. The new iPad2 is thinner and twice as fast as iPad. Featurewise there aren’t many new inclusions in iPad2 and it is more of a performance enhanced model of iPad. The reduced weight of iPad2 makes it an easy to carry tablet device. This […]

Apple IPad tablet launched today

Apple Chief Executive Officer launched Apple iPad today. Mr. Jobs said -This tablet computer will plug the gap between a mobile and laptop. Apple iPad is 0.5 inch thick, it has a  9.7-inch IPS display, and weighs just 1.5 pounds. Ipad will have an Ebook reader  and users will be able to watch movies, play […]

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