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Google Plus is slowly becoming one of the top social network websites and many predict that it’s really going to give Facebook a serious run for its money. This being said, if you want to join the Google plus community and take a peek at what this new social network has to offer then here are some basic tips that can prove really useful to any new user.

1. To get around faster on your G+ stream you may want to use the following keyboard shortcuts:
– J and K to move to the next or previous post
-Spacebar or Shift plus Spacebar for easier and faster scrolling up and down the stream.
-Q for entering the chat service
-Enter – so you can start writing a comment on the stream and Tab plus Enter to post it

2. If you want to customize the text of your posts here is how: if you want to use bold letters then enclose the words in asterisks like this *Bold*. Do the same for italic or a strikethrough line but use underscores and hyphens. ( _italic_, -strikethrough- ).
3. For faster cycling through the images contained in a Google plus album you can use mouse wheel scrolling.
4. If you want to make a reference to other Google plus users in some of your comments or posts then put + or @ in front of their name.
5. Sometimes G+ notifications can prove to be a real nuisance so if you don’t want to receive one for every comment made on a certain post just use the little arrow next to it to access the dropdown menu and select mute.
6. We all care about our privacy a whole lot so if you want to chat with only certain users you can post something and share it only with the people you had in mind.
7. Photo editing was also made possible in Google plus so if you want to customize or play around with some of the images you uploaded, you can do so by using the Edit Photo option found in the Actions menu.
8. If someone has many profile pictures uploaded and you want to see them all, just click on the current one and the next one will be shown immediately.
9. While chatting, you have the option to make the chat box smaller or bigger by pulling it by the edges just like a normal window.
10. If you are curious how your profile looks through someone else’s eyes you can see this by entering a name in the text box situated on the upper right portion of the page.
11. If you set some privacy restrictions regarding something you posted on Google+ you can view all the people that have access to what you wrote by using the Limited option.
12. The way you share stuff like videos, links or images on Google Plus has been improved when compared to other social networks. You can just drag and drop any URL into your post.
13. The developers at Google Plus seem to appreciate feedback so if you discover bugs or want to point out any problem you can use the ‘send feedback ‘ option found on the lower right part of the page.

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