Convert MS Word 97 – 2003 File to MS Word 2007/2010

With Microsoft releasing new versions of MS Office frequently, sometimes we face compatibility issues for our old version document files.  Thankfully Microsoft has added a feature to convert such files which were created with earlier version of MS Office(For example MS Word 97-2003)  to new version of MS Office 2007 or 2010.

Following are the steps to convert an MS Word 97-2003 file into MS word 2007 or 2010 format.

1. Open the Earlier version file in MS Word 2007

MS Word 97-2003 format file

2. MS Word 2007 opens this file in compatibility mode as shown in picture below.


MS word 97-2003 document opened in Compatibility mode

3. Now Click on the MS Office Icon at the top left corner of the screen as shown in picture above. Then select the Convert option in the menu.

4. MS word 2007 will ask you to confirm the conversion with the dialog box shown below. Click OK on this dialog box and save your document.

Confirm conversion to MS Word 2007

5. Now you can see that your MS Word 97-2003  version document is converted into the MS Word 2007 format. and the Compatibility mode  Tag goes away.

Converted document  into MS word 2007 format

Converted document into MS word 2007 format


You can see the changed icon of the MS word document in the above image.


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