Norton Antivirus to Save the Day

There is a lot of antivirus now available. One of them is the Norton Antivirus. This antivirus is proven and tested to be very effective. To download this antivirus to the computer, here are the things to do.

First, start the computer in the Apple computer’s Mac OS X.

Then, insert the Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh 9.0.x CD into the CD-ROM drive of the computer. Depending on how the user has Mac OS X set up, the CD may be located on the desktop, or the Computer window.

To go to the Computer window, the user will just click the Go menu, and then click Computer.

After that, open the Install for OS X folder on the Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh CD.

Double-click Norton AntiVirus Installer.

In the Authenticate window, type the administrator password, and then click OK. If one is installing in Mac OS X 10.1.5, click the lock to make changes to enter the Mac OS X administrator password.

Then, the user clicks continue to progress through the information screens and reviews the Read Me text, and then clicks Continue. Next to that step, the user clicks Continue, and then clicks Agree to accept the License and Warranty Agreement.

He selects the disk on which the user wants to install Norton AntiVirus, and then click Continue. After that, click Install.

From there, click Continue Installation and click OK to the message that states that one have a one-year subscription to virus definitions.

Click yes to run Live Update and click Restart.

To start the scan for the viruses, the user should open the Norton AntiVirus. The Norton AntiVirus is located in the Norton Solutions folder in the Applications folder in the computer. Then, the user selects the disk to scan. The user then clicks Scan/Repair. Upon doing this, the user will see that the Norton AntiVirus will scan the disk and repair or delete any infections found. He then clicks done when the scanning process is finished. From the file menu, the user then clicks Quit.

Norton Antivirus is a very effective antivirus. It has all the updated features that will beat up all the negative softwares. One may try its trial version and see the beauty of this anti virus software for Mac. Any user may also call the hotlines and call centers of these products for more inquiries.

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