Having a slow computer is one of the biggest threats that you can encounter.  This is why you need to know effective XP tweaks.  These hacks can boost your computer’s performance.  When you are experiencing such problems, it means that it is high time you do something.  Your computer needs a good backup to secure your documents and files.

You can also download a good anti virus software that detect and remove any virus and spyware hidden in your files and documents.  Windows XP tweaks also involve deleting some unwanted programs and applications.  This is one of the simplest means to enhance the performance of your computer.

You can also disable your recent documents history.  It saves all your recently accessed documents and files.  It sometimes contains files that you no longer use.  This is why disabling it is a good step to enhancing the performance of your computer.  Disk defragmentation also improves the performance of your computer so much.  It creates more space on your hard disk.  Solve all these by having PC keeper.

This is the most effective tool or software that carries out all tweaking processes.  Registry tweaks optimizes your computer’s performance.  Your hardware also needs good tweaking.  This is where you remove unwanted programs running on your computer.  Windows tweaks are tricks or tips that help you improve the performance of your computer’s operating system.  You need to clear your cache.

This makes you browse the internet with ease.  You can also remove your recycle bin from the desktop. Since space is the most important essential that your computer needs. Your disks and hard drives need enough space.  Your computer’s windows performance can also run low from viruses and spyware.   This is why you need to download a more effective tool to carry out the entire procedure.

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