Fixing a slow computer

You have been through it, a lot many times, and you very well know how frustrating it can be especially when you are short on time. Slow computers sometimes really get on people’s nerves. You have tried out a few suggestions given by your friendly neighbor, but to no avail. Situation still is the same and you are sick of it. May be, you need to try out a few very simple steps given in this article and you can get back your computer’s speed without losing your mind and sleep over it.

While working on the computer, the moment you realize it going slow and sluggish, open task manager by right clicking on the taskbar. Go to the ‘Processes’ tab and check out what process is eating up all the CPU resources and memory off your computer. If you feel you never installed any such application that’s consuming the majority of memory and CPU usage, quite possibly it’s an adware or a spyware. You ought to end task that process without any delay. Then perform a complete system scan using your Antivirus software. In case, you find any virus or spyware infection, try cleaning the files with your Antivirus, otherwise just quarantine them.

Suppose you do not get any virus, but your computer still runs darn slow. In this situation, system optimization is recommended. To make things clearer, you need to get rid of the clutter (the data that gets accumulated in your system over time that you neither need nor use). Remove heavy resource consuming applications from the startup, or at most keep only those programs in the startup, that are quite easy on memory and CPU usage or those that you desperately want to get started with the system. You should also do disk defragmenter every once in a while.

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  1. karib says:

    I think what makes the difference from an average computer and a really fast one is the way maintenance task are performed on the pcs. I personally find my pc responsive and smooth when I dont ignore defrag and diskcleanup. So I run a clean up every other week and defrag is managed very well by one of the reliable commercial automatic programs that run in real time.

  2. Chaas says:

    Cheers pal. I do appreciate the witirng.

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