ipconfig – windows networking command explained

ipconfig – windows networking command explained

IP Configuration command line Tool for windows (ipconfig)

Earlier versions of windows had “winipcfg” tool for performing ip configuration activities. “winipcfg” was replaced by “ipconfig” windows IP configuration tool from windows XP onwards. It is used to display the TCP/IP network configuration values.

To┬árun it, enter “ipconfig” in the command prompt. This will display your IP address as follows:

In case your computer is part of a LAN using a router, the IP displayed by this command will be your Computers IP on the LAN and not the IP that connects to teh internrt. To obtain the IP address of your LAN on internet, you can try any DSL Reports whois.

The IP given is the local address on the network. This information can be used in diagnosing network problems. The “gateway” or router address on the local network is also displayed by this command.

Various switches that can be used with IPConfig

ipconfig switches can be invoked by entering “ipconfig /{switch}”. To display a list of all available switches, enter “ipconfig/?” or “ipconfig -?”. The most commonly used switches by a home user are :

  • all – to display a detailed ip configuration you can use ipconfig/all
  • release- to release your IP address.
  • renew – asking your network adapter to renew your machine’s ip address
  • flushdns- this switch is used to clear all DNS info

The above mentioned switches are very handy for trouble shooting your internet connection issues.


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