DOS Tips in XP

DOS Tips in XP

Windows XP cmd tip (DOS isn’t dead… it just smells funny) Some command-line folder creation examples:

To create multiple folders at once, add them directly to the “md” command:

C:> md this is a test

To create a folder several folders deep, use:

C:> md thisisatest

Creating a folder with a long name requires the double-quote at the beginning:

C:> md “this is a test

Bonus tip: Windows XP supports the forward slash “/” as a folder divider. Unix/Linux users: don’t let the DOS environment get you down. Use a Unix-style CD command to change your present working directory:

C:> cd Windows/system32/drivers/etc


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  1. Did you experienced any problems with third party programs? How stable is the operating system? I got rid of my old phone as I had to hard reset it twice in six months as it looses programs and data.

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