Speed Up Windows Vista

How to speed up windows Vista

Do you want to speed up Vista? Well this is not a surprise. Although Microsoft has made some improvements with their latest OS, Vista can still run very sluggish at times. The problem is Vista cannot perform maintenance on itself. The longer we use our computers the more we need to continually tweak and optimize it in order to speed up Windows Vista. And fortunately for those non computer experts, there is software available to perform the tweaks for you. Here is what you should be doing.

1. Free up as much memory space as you can. This includes hard drive memory and RAM. The best way to do this is target the programs you are not using and remove them. Remove all temporary, partial, and redundant files. Kill those startup programs that launch every time you boot up. This will speed up Vista considerably by increasing RAM availability.

2. Schedule a day to run maintenance features like Windows disk clean up and defragmenter software. Think of these like bringing your car in for a tuneup. Microsoft recommends running each once a month at the least. This will streamline the way Vista processes information and in turn increase Windows Vista speed considerably.

3. Install a Windows Vista registry cleaner and fix all errors. These errors screw with the OS processing. A clean and error free registry will do wonders to speed up Vista performance overall. Vista does not come with a program that can adequately fix up the registry. You need to get one on your own.


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