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Spreadsheet applications have become quite popularly used nowadays, especially when it comes to doing accounting work where you have to deal with so many figures at hand. Microsoft Excel has become one of the most popular spreadsheet applications used all over the world. Not only is it very convenient and user-friendly to use, it also comes with commands and functions that can make data analysis and data storage very effective on your part. Moreover, there are so many ways to find in Excel certain data that you have stored. This is important to note because the Excel processor, after all, has so many cells that would surely contain your multitude of data.

The single Excel file contains 16,777,216 million cells, and this is at its minimum since there are different versions of the spreadsheet application itself. Moreover, each cell can also contain any figure reaching 32,767 characters. The number of worksheets that you can create in a single Excel file is limitless as well, so as long as your computer’s memory can handle the file itself. When you have such a file, obviously, searching for particular data can be pretty daunting and frustrating on any person. Fortunately, Excel’s search function is more than capable enough to handle such a huge task. It even makes the search process simple.

One amazing and incredibly practical command integrated in this spreadsheet application is the Find and Replace function. This can be found in the Edit tab of the application. The great thing about this function is that it gives you a lot of options so that you can make your search for a particular text content or number more precise. Basically, these options help narrow down your search, so to speak. Once you activate the Find and Replace dialogue box, you then type the numbers or characters that you want to find. After which, you then click the Find All button and Excel’s built-in search engine will present to you all cells that contain that text or number you are looking for. These cells would contain the text or number in question, whether this is independent or part of a set of numbers or even that of a whole word.

For example, you want to look for the number “32” in all of the cells in your Excel file. Even the cells that contain the array of numbers “45.432” would be presented. The first highlighted cell is actually the first cell that contains the number in question. Once you hit the Find Next tab, you will then reach the next cell where the character in question appears again.

Another great thing is that you can search through all of the worksheets within a single file. You are given several options to narrow down your search; you can choose to search by row, or by column, or through the values, formulas, or comments contained by the cells themselves.

There are indeed so many convenient ways provided to find in Excel files. By learning the basics, you can maximize the use of your spreadsheet application in no time at all.



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