Google's New Web Browser: Chrome

Surf the Internet with Chrome

Google recently announced the launching of a new browser, Chrome. Being touted as “streamlined and simple”, the free web browser is available for download in many countries. Downloading and setup of the browser, currently available in beta, is simple and quick. Chrome is lightning fast, clean and straightforward.

Chrome Features:

  • Interface – The interface is clean and simple.
  • Omni Box – The new “Omni Box” is an area of Chrome that combines the traditional address bar and search box into one handy location. With Omni Box, users are able to search for information and type a website address in the same box.
  • Bookmarks – Users can bookmark websites from the same area by clicking on the “star” icon
  • Google Suggest – Another new feature that is included in the new browser is Google Suggest. As users type in a specific website address, Google Suggest automatically suggests related subjects, popular websites and websites that were previously visited.
  • Tabbed Browsing – Handy movable tabs are included in the new browser.
  1. Click the “plus” sign in a tab or click “Ctrl-T” to open a new window
  2. Drag tabs to different locations.
  3. Pull tabs to make a new window.
  4. Another positive feature of Chrome is that each browser tab operates separately. If one tab crashes, that crash will not impact the other open tabs.
  5. By right clicking the top of Chrome, users can view the tab task manager, allowing users to view memory resources for each tab
  • Incognito – This feature allows users to search and browse the Internet without any browsing information, such as history and cookies, being stored on the computer hard drive. To access this stealth mode feature, click the “Page Menu” link in the toolbar and select “New Incognito Window.” Although websites may gather user information, no information will be stored from the search performed while incognito mode.
  • Application Windows – Since some websites are similar to actual programs, such as a webmail services, Chrome users have the ability to create shortcuts from websites onto the desktop area. When users click the shortcuts, a new window opens that looks similar to a standard application. Creating a shortcut takes only a few quick steps. Simply click the “page menu “at the top toolbar and “create application shortcut.”
  • Performance – Chrome is incredibly fast.
  • Development – The open source browser, in the works for approximately two years, allows other web developers the opportunities to help build the browser.

Chrome Requirements:

  • Currently available for Windows Vista and XP Service Pack 2 and above operating systems.
  • Mac and Linux versions are currently in production.

Current Bugs and Issues:

  • Laptop users should completely close down Chrome prior to shutting laptop lid.
  • There have been issues with small fixed width fonts on some websites.
  • Chrome currently is not supporting SSL client authentication.

Google Chrome is a surprisingly straight-forward and simple web browser that is lightning fast. For more information on other free web browsers


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