Stock Management Using Barcodes

What is barcode?   Barcode is a sequence of parallel black and white bars and spaces used to store inventory and stock information including product name, product price, quantity, company details and any other relevant information. Barcodes are used for maintaining stock of large number of inventory products used in various industries like healthcare and […]

Routers are a Critical VoIP Component

The Router is a critical link in any VoIP deployment. Most routers that you get from cable companies or that you can purchase at Best Buy for under $100.00 dollars are simply not capable of effectively handling VoIP. A quality VoIP router for a small office costs about $350.00. Routers for larger offices vary based […]

Benefits of Barcode Implementation in Retail Industry

Barcode is the most important requisite to track information about any product, place or person for unique identification of them. Barcode resembles as a machine scanable code of information consisting of a sequence of black bars and white spaces designed to uniquely recognize product details like name, price, quantity, date etc. Barcode Use in Retail […]

Revenue Potential of Business to Business Advertising

With fears of recession having now being laid to rest, business establishments have once again begun to spend on marketing their products and services to other business establishments i.e., business to business advertising is slowly looking up again. In fact, according to the latest Forrester report, manufacturers plan to spend 6.7% more on business to […]

Using Barcode Generator to produce barcodes

This article gives you an overview of how to use Barcode Generator to generate industrial barcodes   Barcode Generator is batch customized application used to create and print wonderfully designed barcodes in less amount of time. With Barcode Generator Software, you can make barcodes with the implementation of 26 linear barcode symbologies including UPC E, […]

Business to Business Advertising

Business to business advertising is no different from any other Okay, first off, a business to business advertising is absolutely in no way different from any other advertisement. Because you were selling to corporate rather than direct consumers, a separate advertisement category called “business to business advertising” was created that’s all there is to it. […]

Why you shouldn’t defrag your Mac

Disk Fragmentation is a serious problem that Windows users have to cope with and resolve if they want to get the best performance out of their computers and also assure the longest possible life span for their hard drives. So if you are used to defragging your partitions regularly and recently just changed from a […]

Why Are Some Businesses Passing On VoIP?

Why is it that some businesses have passed on the opportunity to implement Voice over IP (VoIP) even though VoIP has been proven to be able to deliver significant benefits to the organization. Many businesses have sited fears of potential unforeseen implementation costs, quality issues or possibly putting their network at increased risk. Research has […]

Can VoIP Be As Reliable As Traditional Phone Service?

Yes it can, but that costs extra. Certain businesses and government agencies that support critical infrastructure require their phone systems to be functional 100% of the time. Examples include the military, police, fire and hospitals. When failure is not an option, then you must have redundancy in the event your primary system fails. Sky diving […]

Google+ Basic Tips


    Google Plus is slowly becoming one of the top social network websites and many predict that it’s really going to give Facebook a serious run for its money. This being said, if you want to join the Google plus community and take a peek at what this new social network has to offer […]

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